Reflexotherapy is a reflex massage technique based on the representation of the whole body in one of its parts. It’s applied to locate, manipulate and treat the reflex zones applying small pressings. Considering a reflex as an involuntary response of the Nervous System to a stimulus, thanks to the points found throughout the whole body, we are able to treat unbalances through the creation of reflex nervous impulses or stimuli, which lead to beneficial effects in the individual.

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Clay is also known as mud, which most of us think is useless. Some use it in the rural areas for construction, nevertheless, clay is a very versatile remedy that can be used in almost all diseases. That’s why CEMETRA, like many other institutions, is equipped with staff trained in the elaboration of clay, and has the necessary hygienic conditions.

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The effect of this bath is to provoke transpiration and the expulsion of harmful matter. To this action, it can be added the benefits of medicinal plants, such as eucalypt, sage, chamomile, ect.  

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It’s basically the use of plants with healing purposes, constituting one of the most ancient therapies in existence, although many try to discredit it.

To have in mind the efficiency of Phytotherapy, one just has to remember that in the present day, many of the medicinal drugs are derived from medicinal plants.

Simply because of this fact, there’s no reason to discredit the medicinal value of plants. However, we shouldn’t think that because they are used in therapies or as natural remedies, they lack any level of toxicity, especially because they contain active principles that may cause undesirable effects if they are not properly used.


A natural diet is a safe way of avoiding diseases and to produce pure blood with healthy organs and tissues. Unlike and inadequate diet, which taints blood and alters the organic functions.  According to Hippocrates’ aphorism, the food that heals also keeps life. We usually fall ill by consuming unhealthy food. Our body is constructed with the meals that we consume. A constant reparation process is performed in the tissues of the body, due to the function of the organs which causes it to wear out, and this has to be repaired with sustenance.

For the food to meet the needs of the body, it has to be carefully studied and selected, and in this subject appetite is not a safe guide, nor are the social costumes; this is because most of diseases come from common mistakes in the eating and drinking. Let’s try to correct our bad nutrition habits and let’s take on the journey to an ideal goal: Health. Our body is the same quality as that of the foods that form it and maintain it.  

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